Top Cryptocurrencies that are Expected to Grow in July 2021

Ethereum is known for its decentralized software platform that first introduced smart contracts. With a market cap of US$229 billion, Ethereum grew to become the second-largest crypto since 2015. Ethereum’s anticipated new launch, Ethereum 2.0, has made this cryptocurrency one of the most widely talked about projects in the crypto world. Many tech giants, including Microsoft, Intel, and JP Morgan are building software for business use that runs on the Ethereum network. 


2. Polygon 

Polygon is scaling DeFi at a rapid rate and making headlines out of its utility factors. Ethereum’s current version has high gas fees which are highlighting its struggles. Polygon, which is Ethereum’s sidechain, boosts Ethereum’s chain to harness the best of its abilities. Launched in 2017, Indian crypto Polygon rapidly gained popularity among investors and billionaires like Mark Cuban. 


3. Stellar Lumens 

Stellar Lumens stands out from its crypto peers. It aims to become the go-to cryptocurrency for payments with technology that is quick and inexpensive. This is a highly inspirational project and when it successfully happens, you don’t want to miss out on the bull run. It’s one of the most affordable cryptocurrencies to own, with a market cap of US$5 billion. 


4. Cardano 

Cardano is the dark horse of the crypto market. It’s the biggest competitor to Ethereum as Cardano uses a proof-of-stake algorithm, something that Ethereum is trying to incorporate. While Cardano has yet to release smart contracts, its network is faster and cheaper than Ethereum. Amidst the market volatility, Cardano has the trend to stabilize quickly. It’s the fifth-largest cryptocurrency in the world and a reliable choice for investors. 


5. Chainlink 

Chainlink is a token based on Ethereum’s network and powers the decentralized Oracle network. Chainlink was launched in 2014 and set up a strategic partnership with Google in 2019. The agreement on-boarded Chainlink’s protocol within Google’s smart contracts strategy and became a growth factor for the cryptocurrency. 


6. Bitcoin Cash 

Bitcoin Cash has a historic factor behind its success. It is one of the earliest and most successful hard forks of the original Bitcoin. A fork, in the crypto world, refers to a separate coin that is stemmed out of debates between developers and miners. Bitcoin failed to fulfill all the promises it made about its blockchain network, and hence Bitcoin Cash was born. With no other connection to Bitcoin, BTC holds immense potential because of its faster network and as it is cheaper than Bitcoin, investors trust its future to invest in Bitcoin Cash. 


7. Binance Coin 

As long as there is activity on Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, its token Binance Coin will continue to grow. Binance Coin acts as a mode of payment for anyone who wants to trade on Binance exchange. Even after the recent shutdown by the UK, Binance continues to lead the market so Binance Coin’s value is intact. As of 2021, it has a market cap of US$46 billion, making it the fourth-largest crypto in the world. 


8. Tether 

Tether is a stable coin. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, its value is pegged to a fiat currency like the US dollar or the Euro. Tether assures its investors that with every Tether token bought, they will receive the value of the fiat currency at the time of buying. For investors who are looking for low-risk options, stable coins like Tether are a good choice as there is almost no volatility effect. 


9. Monero 

Whenever talks about private cryptocurrencies come up, Monero is a popular choice. Monero is a secure and untraceable currency. After launching in 2014, Monero became popular in the crypto world as the transactions made with this cryptocurrency cannot be traced back to the original parties. As the added layer of security defines the blockchain era, Monero has a bright future ahead. It has a market cap of US$3 billion, and at the time of writing, Monero is showing a green chart. 


10. Bitcoin 

The king of all cryptocurrencies has to make an appearance in a list that talks about crypto growth. Though the latest trends of Bitcoin point towards frequent dips, no one can deny that Bitcoin has the ability to bounce back. After falling from its all-time high of US$65,000, the value stabilized to half of the high and is now trading at the price of US$32,600. Since the price has corrected and a growth spur is expected by experienced investors, investing in Bitcoins is never a bad idea.