Cryptocurrency company ready to hire in Norfolk | News

NORFOLK – Last month, Governor Pete Ricketts signed a cryptocurrency bill into law.

LB 649 introduced by Senator Mike Flood, creates a charter that would give consumers and institutions places to self-custody their digital assets.

As a result Telcoin a cryptocurrency company has announced its moving to Norfolk.

CEO Paul Neuner says with the move they’re looking for employees to work in Norfolk.

“The areas of hiring in general that we have to scale up, one product say design (for) IPhone and Android apps and those sort of things. There’s obviously business development. Those two side are maybe not the best for here, but the two other sides that are going to be the ones that probably scale to the most number of jobs are actually banking operations and more IT cloud infrastructure so those sort of tech jobs.”

Neuner says what makes them different is they’ve focused on being compliance first and regulated by the state and federal government.

For more information on Telcoin and to apply for jobs go to Telco.In.