Top 10 Cryptocurrencies with the Highest 24-Hour Trade Volumes


May 28, 2021

Here are the best cryptocurrencies to buy according to the highest 24-hour trade volumes.

Cryptocurrency has caught everyone’s interest after the recent market crash. As the fall in prices has opened new avenues for budding investors, top cryptocurrencies are undergoing price recovery. If you are looking to start your cryptocurrency investments, diversify your portfolios by keeping an eye out for these best cryptocurrencies with the highest 24-hour trading volume.



1. Tether

24-hour volume: US$90.36B

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, Tether is backed by the U.S dollar. Being a stable coin, Tether has a 1:1 relationship with the USD, which results in negligible price fluctuation.

Tether price today: US$1


2. Bitcoin

24-hour volume: US$40.10B

The most valued crypto coin and synonymous with the term cryptocurrency, Bitcoin touched its highest price point of US$60,000 in April 2021. Owing to the recent crypto market crash, the price of one Bitcoin came down by 50% and it is now under correction. This did not stop investors from trading and investing in Bitcoins, which makes this one of the most trusted cryptos in the market.

Bitcoin price today: US$36,716.83


3. Ethereum

24-hour volume: US$28.81B

Second to Bitcoin, Etherum continues to surge above its 50-day moving average. With a market cap of more than US$250B. During the crypto market crash, Ethereum saw its price slashed to half, from an all-time high of US$4,400 to US$2,400. This fall encouraged a lot of investors to diversify their portfolios with Ether.

Ethereum price today: US$2,534.80


4. EOS

24-hour volume: US$5.28B

EOS reached the US$4.60 mark and asserted a strong increase to above US$5.50. The price even surged above US$8.50 to extend its rally. Overall, EOS is showing a promising growth potential to investors who have an eye on this affordable crypto.

EOS price today: US$6.21


5. Ripple

24-hour volume: US$4.64B

After the market crash, two main reasons to buy Ripple is the fact that it is trusted by multiple financial institutions and aims at simplifying payments. It’s also one of the most affordable cryptos that shows growth potential after reaching its all-time high of US$3.10.

Ripple price today: US$0.8917


6. Matic

24-hour volume: US$4.08B

Matic or Polygon saw the effects of the crypto market crash when the price crashed from US$2.45 to US$1.38. However, it has joined the market correction bandwagon and is seeing positive price spikes.

Polygon price today: US$1.86


7. Cardano

24-hour volume: US$3.72B

Making its place in almost every top five list, Cardano is an investor favorite, right after Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance. It has a market cap of US$27.23B which is better resistant to fluctuation than most other cryptocurrencies.

Cardano price today: US$1.55


8. Litecoin

24-hour volume: US$3.69B

After losing nearly 50% of its value in the market crash, Litecoin is picking up, slowly but surely. One of the most trusted altcoins in the market, Litecoin has a market cap of US$13.74 billion. According to crypto market experts, Litecoin is expected to reach the US$220 mark with a potentially stronger buyer activity.

Litecoin price today: US$180.04


9. Binance Coin

24-hour volume: US$3.41B

Rated among the top five cryptocurrencies in the market, Binance coin faced rejection during the market crash. Nevertheless, the trust among investors did not fade one bit as it is backed by one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance. Soon after the dip, Binance coin saw an influx of buyers that is helping this crypto coin regain its value.

Binance Coin price today: US$339.99


10. Bitcoin Cash

24-hour volume: US$3.32B

Though it shares the name Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash is an independent cryptocurrency. In 2018, Bitcoin Cash reached a high of US$4,000 which later only stabled at US$400. Just when the value increased to US$1,500, the market crash got the price down, opening a window for investors.

Bitcoin Cash price today: US$629.96

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