Live: 2021 Pujiang Innovation Forum – The Blockchain and Digital China Forum

Blockchain originates from a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. It has only been 13 years since the first white paper about the blockchain was issued, which witnessed the profound revolutions worldwide in ways of production, daily lifestyle and governance.

 The scientific and technological wave triggered by blockchain is movign towards the unknow “New World” with the whole human society. The significance of blockchain is equivalent to that of previous industrial and computer revolutions. While blockchain gives humanity more space to develop and new development models, unknown challenges are also with us. 

 The seminar on the development of blockchain is held for the first time on Pujiang Innovation Forum.The purpose of seminar is to implement the vital remarks of the General Secretary on China’s development of blockchain. The Seminar will take the lead and focus on the outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan. The experts from all over the world will discuss the essence, development space and path of blockchain. They will also clarify the confusion to create a solid consensus for the development of blockchain and find more resources for ecology cultivation of blockchain. 

As a result, China’s voice can be heard in the world competition and China can continue to stand on the tide and lead the future in terms of blockchain technology.